Sync function for mobile apps?


I hope this was not requested before: Why there is no sync option for the Seafile mobile clients?

(I would like to sync my muic library (or a part of it) whenever I’m connected to WiFi.)

Is there a certain reason why the Seafile mobile apps do not provide such a function?


Because the mobile Apps use Seahub instead of the Seafile API


Also because the Seafile app is more of a file browser than a sync program, as are most other sync apps for smartphones.

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Thx for all replies.

But why does the mobile App does not use the Seafile API? I mean: Wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to sync certain directories on a smartphone?

Don’t think so. Most people use their smartphones not like this and so it’s easy to use, even for idiots.

I used to use Dropsync for Dropbox as well, so I was looking for a similar solution.
Turns out the easiest way is to enable webdav on the seafile server.
Then use foldersync for Android, that way you can sync dedicated folders to your phone.
I use this as well to not only backup, but also sync my pictures taken with my phone.
That way I can delete pictures on my laptop if I don’t like them and they will be deleted on the phone as well, very convenient.
With Seadav, you can also place the file of your password manager (I use SafeInCloud) in a separate library of your seafile cloud and let the password manager sync using webdav.



Synchronize Ultimate supports the Seafile API natively, then you needn’t webDAV.

I tried Synchronize Ultimate as well, but I always had problems with the software…
It is far more powerful than foldersync, but unreliable, sometimes the scheduled syncs dont run so I stayed with foldersync. Perhaps other people are more lucky :wink:

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Same for me: I enabled seafdav and use foldersync.

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Thanks so much guys!!! I was looking for a solution for photo syncing and I’m happy I stumbled upon this!

Sry for my late reply and thx for the suggestions @res80 and @bionade24 - unfortunately I only use Apps from, neither foldersync nor Synchronize Ultimate is there. Furthermore I didn’t find any FLOSS app fitting…

Just search there for some WebDAV sync App, there’ll be one.

  • Car Report
    Track your car costsApache-2.0
  • TinyKeePass
    Another simple read-only KeePass appApache-2.0
  • My Expenses
    Easy to use personal finance manager: rich functionality and Open SourceGPL-3.0-only

Not better for so I just have to be patient. F-Droid became much better over the last years…

neon is the C libary for WebDAVon Linux. May you can use it directly or just write some interface for it, nothing impossible.

Edit: I found something

Does webdav support 2fa on seafile?

I’d recomend this method over webdav, I don’t like sharing my seafile credentials with third party apps.

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