Transfer library with similar name in receiver end

This topic is close to the following post but it is not exactly the same and the suggested in the following linksolution might not work:

The situation is as follows:
Assume there are 2 users (A & B) of a seafile server and they both have their own library of a project (Proj1). If user A transfer the ownership of Proj1 library to user B, we will have a situation of multiple libraries with the same name and same ownership. I have not tried this but hopefully this does not cause any confusion for the client (as been mentioned in the link above).

I want to suggest that Seafile marks transferred libraries with a flag, so that user knows what has come from else where (since user has no control of receiving ownership and they cannot reject it). The flag in my opinion should be in a way that user can remove it from the library when they want it.

The idea can also be extended to a general labeling system so that users can label similar libraries with a uniform label.

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Having two libraries with the same name works for sure, they have different IDs.

@daniel.pan @xiez
Maybe there can be some sort of subtitle for library names that shows the ID.
Or there could be a link in the dropdown menu of each library that allows to show the library and it’s source/previous owner(s).

What do you think?