Ubuntu Linux support

I really like SeaFile and are looking forward to your next SeaDrive / SeaFile client releases, but your (Ubuntu) Linux support seems to be somewhat of a bummer (and a little confusing).

For now it seems you can’t install SeaDrive on the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release (nor could i test it on Ubuntu 19.10). This is actually keeping us back from migrating to the latest Ubuntu LTS point release. For the Drive client you refer to a Debian repo witch only contains support for these older Ubuntu / Debian releases. To add to the confusion I also can’t seem to find any reference to witch versions are actually “supported” by Seafile. For example if you try to install SeaDrive on Ubuntu 20.04 using your Wiki documentation you get multiple errors.

The other confusion thing is you advertise a Ubuntu PPA for the SeaFile client (different repo from your drive client). It seems to be very rare to find this repository actually up-to-date, as of writing it sports the 7.0.4-2 version (only for Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 18.4 and 19.04). Somehow there also is a (somewhat newer) version available from the official Ubuntu (20.04) repo’s witch sports version 7.0.6-1.

Overall this feels like Ubuntu / linux users are somewhat left in the dark. I hope you guys can take a minute and talk about perhaps revising your release and documentation procedure regarding SeaDrive / SeaFile client for Ubuntu / Linux to make things more clear for you users? Perhaps there are more people on this forum willing to talk and discuss about Ubuntu / linux support in this topic?


Hi Galdur,

did you see this: Linux client packages updated

Forgot to reply, but this is / was great news. Updated / installed everything as soon as i got the chance. The lack of response on this topic was a bummer tho.