Unidirectional / one way sync possible?

Hello together

is there a way to sync only one way from client to server so if I delete on client it won’t be deleted on server?

The media upload using mobile app works this way, isn’t it?


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When you share a library to another user, share it “read-only” Then the read-only user gets the one-way sync that you desire.


Dirty but quick. Thanks alot, will try it… :slight_smile:

isn’t that the wrong direction?

Well, I just tried as reommended by @iamnacho:

  1. Created a library.
  2. Shared to a different user as read-only.
  3. Synced library to a folder on both computers.
  4. Copied two files into library on computer A which were synced to computer B.
  5. Deleted one file on computer A which was deleted on computer B as well.

Well, this was predictable somehow. Would you (both) explain again what you mean?

I have no solution, i just have predicted what you have tried.

similar feature request that I’ve already asked for a couple of weeks ago:

And which is asked for at github for about 2,5 years: Two-way autosync of any folder · Issue #55 · haiwen/seadroid · GitHub

Unfortunately no reaction regarding this :pensive:

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One way sync works normally with read-only shared library at first time sync, but if after first sync is finished - user change or delete files on “read-only” client - Seafile don’t want to restore corrupted files from server automatically. For restore file on “read-only” client - I must manually emulate some changes on “read-write” client.

Maybe there are some special option for online re-check and restore read-only folder from server? Or cli command for force re-sync readonly library?

Here is issue about this problem: https://github.com/haiwen/seafile/issues/1792

Is there any improvements about this topic in new Seafile versions?

At now this can be done via force ‘re-sync’ command on readonly client side, but this command not available via CLI, here is issue about this: https://github.com/haiwen/seafile/issues/1791