Use ONLYOFFICE and Collabora Online with share links

Hi @all,

i would like to see the ability to use ONLYOFFICE and Collabora Online with share links. So a user could switch between only Preview or Preview/Edit. This would be a great solution for Google Docs, where this is possible to do.

Let me know, what you think about that idea.


@daniel.pan @Jonathan

What do you think?

This is on our plan already. But it is a low priority task.


As far as i have seen, this feature was implemented in 6.3.x - Big thank you!

But only Preview is supported, not anonymous Edit, right? Even as logged in user, I can not edit the file. This is very confusing since people click on the share link, are logged in, but yet cannot edit the file. They will then have to go and look for the file somewhere in a shared library and edit the file from there.

This should be possible if you set the right share permission, see:

Yeah, my sharing dialog didn’t have those options and I found out that they were added in 6.3.5 and I run 6.3.4.

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I did not have all this sharing options, I’m using Seafile community 8.0.7, how can I activate the “Set permission” part ?

Only the pro edition has the advanced permissions possibilities