Why do everyone claim that Nextcloud is better then seafile?


Almost everywhere I look people claim that NextCloud is better then seafile why’s that?


My experience is the total opposite. Most of the time when people tried both of these servers, they stayed on Seafile. It has a very reliable sync (even delta sync), better performance and does not break on every update. :smile:


Because NextCloud is a “Eierlegendewollmilchsau” (“Egg laying fleece milk sow”) and they have no idea about the actual backend of it and have had never to update a Owncloud/Nextcloud instance. :smiley:


I’ll install seafile now on my Ubuntu VM and take it for a spinn :slight_smile:

Should I use the Pro version or not? that the big quastion.


If you will not have more than 3 users (admin included) you can go for pro (free). If more you can either buy e or go for the CE.


have tried both extensively & for now sticking with seafile

The only advantage i see in Nexcloud is the Free Index/Search in CE edition. I really wish Seafile also provided some basic index/search in CE Edition

Nextcloud sync a.la owncloud is a pain in the butt. syncing multiple folders is a breeze in Seafile while its a pain in the butt to set it up in NC. You CANNOT have a root folder sync. this will prevent adding any more sync folder. i find this very annoying as i have data all over disks/folders.


Keep in mind, that the Pro version is no FOSS…


exactly the reason i chose CE over Pro, even though i miss the index/search feature


The only edge owncloud/nextcloud has over Seafile are the mobile apps are better, easier initial install (upgrading not so much), and plugins for addons. For example OnlyOffice install with Owncloud is way easier.
Right now OnlyOffice with Apache and Seafile doesn’t exist.
As far as syncing Seafile wins hands down for speed and reliability. I have lost so many files with OwnCloud it’s unreal. I have lost not one item with Seafile.


I lost tons of data with Owncloud, but backups were at hand to be restored directly into Seafile.


Is it just my train of thought or not but if Seafile could develop the plugin system like Next/Owncloud I think next/Owncloud would be a distant memory soon there after.


As far as I remember the developers said that they don’t have an intention to make something like addons available. However, they didn’t talk about a plugin interface which makes it possible for other people to develop addons. I have mixed feelings about that because Seafiles aim is to be a reliable sync solution (which it is). Becoming an all-in-one solution could put this aim at risk.
Maybe you know the Unix philosophy: Do one thing and do it well. :slight_smile:


I don’t hope that, if they do they 'll get the same issues that nextcloud etc. have.
Let Seafile just bee a sync software and stick with that.


There should rather be plugins to integrate Seafile itself to other apps.


Nextcloud is the brother of owncloud. Everybody talk about it. Its a centre of attention.
I have heard about seafile on mondedie, specialized forum. So the solution is not enough know from the consumers.

I have tested both solution and seafile can do more and better than Nextcloud.

  • Trusted sync via the app (no duplicate content and if there is, its mentionned)
  • Easy installation (seafile.sh and seahub.sh) and userfriendly
  • Synchronisation is possible via mobile for pictures and videos. (Nextcloud app is bugged)
  • Security about the sync. Files are encrypted and cant be open outside the app
  • Better performance on small server

I use both apps since 2 years and i always come back on seafile.


I agree here IF you are good with CLI, Seafile needs to improve regarding upgrades and easy setup for beginners. The installer script needs regularly updates.
Also there should be a script which installs dependencies depending on the version you are running. Right now this is missing.


Someone (preferentially the Seafile-Team because of security) could make a DEB-package for the server. It was stated that they will not include the server into the official Debian repository - which has a few good reasons. But creating a DEB package has the advantage that the dependencies are managed by the package manager and leads to fewer user errors. The Seafile team should have already experience with packaging (see the Seafile client for example).

Maybe this is a good idea, maybe not - Just a short idea. :slight_smile: And of course there are other non Debian-based distributions, too.


I moved my 105 users to Owncloud from Seafile after five years.

Replies to my forum posts from moderators such as those in this thread (“Then fix it.”) tells me all I need to know about the community here and the willingness to help other users.


Sorry, I’m not sure what you want. You found out by yourself, that MCAffee has a negative effect on other applications. Obviously this is a bug in the mcaffee software. So tell them they should fix the bug.

I don’t understand why third party software should work around a bug mcaffee introduces.


Did you use OC with that many users before? I understand you point, but several Clients I worked as consultant for, actually switched away from MA because of similiar issues. So you cannot really blame Seafile for this problem.

If you did not use the pro version of Seafile you cannot expect immediate support, this is a community.
Anyways, hope you get your clients happy.

What proxy did you use in front of Seafile?