Zimbra and seafile attachments


I noticed that you made a Git project on a Seafile zimlet for Zimbra

Is this code experimental or is it to be used on a production server ?
What are the requirements (Zimbra and Seafile versions) ?
What are the features ? Is is limited to file attachements when editing messages ?
Are the files only attached to the message or can we also send sharing links (for files and folders) ?



this code is production ready, but the document is not completed right now, you can try if you are familiar with zimbra zimlet development :slight_smile:

Features including:

  1. attach files/folders from seafile(sharing links) to messages when composing;
  2. save attachment to seafile library.


This devloppement has been initiated/sponsorised by University of Auvergne France.
It is installed on our production Zimbra 8.6. (40.000 users)

we need to fix a small problem on the “save attachment” before open it for all ours users.




Thanks to all, i’ll keep in mind that the code has to be fixed before production use.
But this is as feature that we’ll probably need.


What problem do you have now? Is it related to the code or is it related to the configuration?

we have to investigate the problem

on some cases (really frequent) the attachment appear as a “blob” file on the seafile share.

i think it occurs only at the first use of the zimlet in the Zimbra session.
the blog contain an zimbra error 404 html page.

We will look into the problem in October. Once it is reproduced, we will fix it.

We are testing a small patch against the “blob” problem.
It seems that when the frame for shibboleth authentication is displayed,
the showAttachementSaveDlg function is called a second time but with empty arguments.
We’ll give our small (and dirty) code if it is confirmed.

Any news about the fix? We can test it in the next month.

Hi, it is dirty and surely must be written another way but it solves:

/********** hack CAS***********/
var globalUrl = ‘’;
var globalName = ‘’;

  • This method list seafile libraries and show saves Attachment dialog.

SeafileZimlet.prototype.showAttachementSaveDlg =

/********** hack CAS***********/
if(url != null)
    globalUrl = url;

if(url == null && globalUrl != '')
    url = globalUrl;
    globalUrl = '';

if(name != null)
    globalName = name;

if(name == null)
    name = globalName;
    globalName = '';

Thanks. We will check it and update the repo on Github in November.

Hi @daniel.pan,

I had a look at the Zimlet on Github : did you work on it ?

We’ll migrate on mail server on a multi-domain instance and would like the zimlet to be domain - independant.


zimbra supports NextCloud and OwnCloud the project on git: https://github.com/haiwen/seafile-zimlet for Seafile did not change since 2016. Has someone a working konfiguration or integration ?

cheers Manuel

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Hey moetiker,

I know this topic is quite old but just for clarification and to close this topic.

Right now there are two zimlets out there:

The development of the haiwen zimlet has stopped in 2016.
But we asked Barry de Graaff to enhance the Zimbra-Community zimlet to support also seafile and he did it. Here is the link to the annoucement: New Zimbra plugin for Seafile Server.

If there is any feature inside the haiwen zimlet that is not yet support by the new one we will make sure that this feature will be merged.

Best regards

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looks good except file upload does not work…

creating folder works… uploading a file to a subfolder of a library
does not work in my installation … searching for the problem…