Avatars do not work in Seafile CE 7.0.0

When loading up an avatar, the picture does not load. When checking the URL of the image it is trying to load, it’s “…” as opposed to the proper address it is supposed to be.

When looking avatars in CE 6.3.4, it works properly.

It looks like Seahub is failing to fill in the proper HTTP URL for the avatar image.

Have you tried Avatar in share dialog missing

That worked, thank you!

Unfortunately that does not work for me. On two servers the same issue: I did an upgrade from version 6.3.4 (6.3.2 on the other server) to 7.0.3 according to https_://manual.seafile.com/deploy/upgrade.html.

After starting the server everything seems to work fine, except this issue:

The avatar of the user does not load (http/404). It seems that the API generates a wrong URL to the avatar directory. The XHR request to the API URL (https:_///seafile/api/v2.1/user-avatar/) is answered as follows:


The problem is, that this URL does not exist. The correct URL (the working one) is https:_///seafmedia/avatars/4/4/399ee56a0383a9a2226fa6597028f7/resized/160/eca40c815c7392f162159be42807dd9c_VMaqCUz.png (without /seafile as first directory). All non-XHR requests to the seafmedia directory are correct.

Is this a known issue? Or should I file a bug report?


Sorry fo the https:_// things, as I am not allowed to post links :wink:

@TomM I had the same issue after upgrade to 7.0.3 CE. Apparently this only happens for those using non root domains e.g www.myserver.com/seafile. I hope this wil be fixed in new CE release.

BTW, try to clean /tmp/seahub_cache before anything.

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@jobenvil thanks for your hint! Is this issue already filed as a bug on Github? I haven’t found anything in a quick search.

They are aware. Here was discussed as well:

Great! Thank you very much!

@TomM Avatars are fixed now

Works fine now! Only had to clean /tmp/seahub_cache for fixing the avatar in the user menu as well :slight_smile:.

Thanks very much!

(SOLVED) I have the same issue again with 7.1.3 PE. The avatar picture link starts with www.xxx.yyy - while my seafile just runs as xxx.yyy (with https) - and therfore fails to load the picture (having HSTS enabled). Any idea how to fix this?

Admin settings in the web overwrite whatever in in the conf-files. So while I change seahub_settings.py it had no effect. Remember to check the setting in the admin panel - and deleted there the WWW in front. Now again avatars and markdown-editor works :slight_smile: