Changing Seafile's color - with Seamate

Hi everybody,

Seamate is a tool developed by to easily customize the color of Seafile. With minimal effort, the Seafile orange can be exchanged for a color that better matches your own logo or your own corporate identity.

The adjustments are made purely by adding own CSS classes and do not make any changes to the Seafile server or the Seahub web interface. So you can easily from an orange, for example. make a red.

Just select a color, copy the css code to seafile and enjoy your new colored seafile. Try how simple it is - It will only take you seconds:

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Me again.

Just a short note to the past: a year ago, there was already a first version of seamate ( with which you could make significantly more changes. However, this version of seamate first had to be elaborately integrated into Seafile’s code and adapted to Seafile’s every update. That was really complicated.

We at datamate believe that simplicity is more important than complete control of appearance. That’s why we chose a pure CSS based solution.



Works perfectly with 7.0.4. Thank you for your nice tool!

Works great thanks for sharing!

Hey everybody,
we added the support for the seafile version “7.0.4-Community”.
“7.0.7-Professional” will follow tomorrow.

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Great job ! Thank you

Thanks alot!

There is still some “orange” left:

  • Password reset dialog headline
  • Icon mouseover in the comments/ file info sidebar

And the folder icons of course. Would be cool if they would become SVG or icon fonts so they could be colored more easily.

Please send screenshots to and mention the Seafile Server version and edition you use.


7.0.4 CE

Seamate is now available for 7.0.7 Professional.
We have also adapted the CSS files for all 7.0.x versions and extended them with the two orange shades.


Found some more orange when switching to the system administration section:

.new-narrow-panel .hd {
    background: #feab79;

Hi Martin,
thanks for the hint. We will change this color too with the next seafile version.
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Hey, thank you very much for this amazing tool!

I also found some left over orange, it is the border of the notification number:

#notifications .num {
    border: 1px solid #cb8a5d;

Seamate for Seafile Professional Version 7.0.8 is now available.

We have added missing colors and removed unwanted CSS. Also, Seamate doesn’t make the font bold or changes the login button anymore.


Hey Dennis,

I found another orange. If you activate terms- and conditions in seafile and if you add a link to the description, this link is still orange. (#eb8205)
Tested with seafile 7.0.8 PE

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Hello everybody,

Seamate for Seafile 7.0.9 Professional is now available. We have fixed some color bugs in the wiki view.

Hey D_FR,

Since the upgrade to Pro 7.0.9 a lot of our former custom CSS settings ceased to work in library view (like colorizing link background boxes) while they still work correctly in System Admin view.

I just went and tried your tool to generate a new CSS, encouraged by you having “fixed bugs”. Alas, library view still falls back to default seafile colors.

Is this also the case for you or is it specific to our installation?

On a related note, how do you as a professional service provider depending on seafile for your service cope with brand-related issues like this one? My colleague is livid already because our CI is distorted towards the few clients that get to see our private Seafile :slight_smile:

Hey x0n,

I’ve tested Seamate for 7.0.9 on a fresh Docker installation. There are no errors in the library view.
Since Seamate overwrites all orange tones in the original files, please try the following:

  • Empty your browser cache. (Chrome SHIFT+F5 Firefox SHIFT+F5)
  • Remove temorarily the CSS files from previous versions. (BRANDING_CSS in
  • Restart Seafile and Seahub.

If the problems still persist, please send me an email with screenshots to


I have tried what you suggested. For good measure, I have moved the custom CSS from the web interface to the file method and configuring it in

Alas, this has not fixed the issue.

Screenshot below


Wow great! My css was messed up since last ce update. You saved me tons of time.
Do you plan anything for the background? Like a dark theme? (There was something on your old github =)