Seafile server 7.0 is ready! (Including the CE and PRO edition)

If you use a non-root, you can set SITE_ROOT. Please try if this can solve your problem.

@Manuel Strange, do you really mean “7.0.3” or 7.0.4? For me 7.0.3 (which is the highest release for CE) is not solving the avatars issue.

@jobenvil No, I mean 7.0.3 CE. I haven’t checked the profile page, it’s inconsistent.

The small avatar at the top right now loads correctly from a relative URL, but it’s using the root path - so it’s ignoring MEDIA_URL settings which I fixed by updating my Nginx config.

The profile page on the other hand is still using the MEDIA_URL setting which is now broken because my updated my Nginx config. :woman_shrugging:

@daniel.pan The value of SITE_ROOT in is already set to /seafile/

I will wait for 7.0.4 before I touch anything again. It’s not worth to me to fix this small inconsistency if an update will fix it soon.

I have the same configuration inside of for non root domain.
Yes, it’s not worth to me too. I can live with broken avatars until 7.0.4.

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Have you tried to remove Seahub cache? The problem should have already been fixed in 7.0.3.

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Our development environment also use sub-domain. We have no problem with avatar. Have you tried to clean Seahub cache?

The problem that I’m facing is that the url has the /seafile/ in between and therefore I’m getting a 404 Server Error (not found):

and it should be:

The others pictures, seafile-logo, icons, are still served from /seafmedia/


Let’s solve one problem first. The URL prefix of avatar at the top is determined by the SERVICE_URL

What the value of your current SERVICE_URL?

Using 7.0.3 CE Version (compiled to raspberry pi)

FILE_SERVER_ROOT = 'https://xxxxx.xxxx.xx/seafhttp'
MEDIA_URL = '/seafmedia/'
STATIC_URL = MEDIA_URL + 'assets/'
SITE_ROOT = '/seafile/'
# Since version 5.0.4 we need to define this as well:
LOGIN_URL = '/seafile/accounts/login/'

The config was not changed. Seahub cache (in my case memcached) was empty. I tried deactivating memcached as well, and flushing seahub_cache.

root@hiperborea /home/seafile/logs # tail -f seahub.log
2019-07-16 19:13:24,725 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /seafile/seafmedia/avatars/f/1/2278a8042266053fc3e798fb5e2f40/resized/72/1fb9e7bb2be3e0fa49a3655ef7fdbac3_o8NwnS5.png
2019-07-16 19:13:24,727 [WARNING] django.request:152 get_response Not Found: /seafile/seafmedia/avatars/f/1/2278a8042266053fc3e798fb5e2f40/resized/64/1fb9e7bb2be3e0fa49a3655ef7fdbac3_o8NwnS5.png


Is it true that sharing a folder (generic share) can not be writable in the CE version?


This are screenshots from the Seafile demo system, which is Seafile PE. But you can do just the same in CE.

I see.
I thought the upper share link example was to get a rw edition too.

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That would indeed be good for coloberative editing

The feature request has been out there for quite a while… but there are also reserverations.
I, personally, am lukewarm about the combo link (up- and download). I think sensible use cases are rare. In any case, it can be emulated by two separate up- and download links.

What do you meen by “it can be emulated by two separate up- and download links”? In the pro version, if you enable write on share links, you can use onlyoffice with non existent seafile users via sharelink which is very convenient. You cannot emulate this by adding a different upload share link.

First off, I am talking share links for folders, because that is what @maweber inquired.

You seem to focus on file share links. That’s not what I was talking about.

Second, what I mean is very simple: You can create an upload and a download link for one and the same folder (or library for that matter). As a consequence, you can upload into and download from one and the same folder/library. Other sync & share solutions offer a combined / combo link feature for that purpose - which is more convenient. Does the convenience aspect make it a high-priority development? I don’t think so and that is why is it a nice to have at best.

If its a file or folder does not matter for that case since its both possible on pro and neither on CE (in one link) so my statement still applies.

And since the feature is allready in pro it should be simple C&P into CE with quite zero effort.

The Share to User Menu has a little bug.
The list doesn’t show existing Users that a folder is shared to. Adding a user share works without problem, but the displaying dosn’t.

@daniel.pan Deleting /tmp/seahub_cache/ after upgrading to 7.0.4 fixed the avatar issue

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Hey, I had the same problem, it is a bug.

The icon does not show when you change the url of the media folder (e.g. seafile server is at a non-root domain).

You can fix it by changing one line in the files
app.js and app.xxxxxxxx.js
in the directory

Replace the string

I hope the issue will be fixed in the new version!