Sharing a sigle file to users / groups


I’m on Pro 6.2.13

I noticed that it is not possible to shae a single file to selected users or groups
Only Share link opto is available


This feature is missing, for my point of view

In the context of collaborative editing (as in Google Docs), user A needs to share a file to selected users.

He should be able to select some users (the file is then accessible to “Shared with me”)

In the context of a group, this is more problematic. The group focus only accepts libraries.

Then, where could we put the shared file to be accessible to the group ?

@daniel.pan, do you have any idea on how to implement this feature ?


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A bad solution for this: put the file into a folder.


that’s what i did, but it’s only a workaround. :thinking:
Many other cloud solutions do provide the feature.


Adding sharing a single file by selecting users will cause some inconsistency:

  1. The syncing client and drive client can’t display the shared files
  2. Enable sharing single files to users will make people to think about sharing single files to groups. But if files can be shared to groups, people will see files at the group page (top level). They will also think they can create files and upload files to the group page, which is not possible because there is no library to store these files.

I think it is better to use sharing links for share single files. In a future version, we will add the feature to make files shared by sharing link editable.

I think if this works, it’s okay. Then you can post the links into chats of the groups. Maybe you’re right with your arguments, but aren’t shared folders marked as readonly today. And under favorites single files can apply.

Hi Daniel,

This option will not work on syncing client and drive client, as you mentionned it.
But editng the shared files will be possible , which is the main lacking feature :wink:

Implementing single files sharing is difficult due to the multiple contexts (Clients, Groups, etc.)
These context issues could be adressed by means of restructuring the UI on web and clients.

I understand your arguments, but i think this could also be improved in the future.

For exemple, i posted these feature requests several month ago (not really related…)