Solved - GC does not work?


My Seafile library is stroage/fs 380 GB big and the seafile-back/fs is 150GB big but the data stroed in there is only approx. 60GB.

I ran ./seafile-gc and it does not reduce in size.

What can I do to fix this?

This is really important. It would be great if someone could help me.


Hi FreeCloud

Thanks for the link and your help.
Very much appreciated.

May I ask in relation to this phrase from the linked thread “> The files deleted by the last action will not be removed by GC for safety reason. You can try make any other operation on the library, then run GC again.”:

What “operation” to the Library should I do?
And how can I make operations to a Library that was deleted?

Thanks, Chris

You just need to add and delete a photo. Then to execute the command seaf-gc, all that will be previous to this photo will be deleted definitively

And Libraries that were deleted?

How can I can rid of information (and seafile-bck) of those?

For deleted libraries you have to use ./ -r

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I did run that.

It says

./ -r
Starting seafserv-gc, please wait …
gc-core.c(384): === Repos deleted by users ===
Seafserv-gc run done

and that’s it. Just those lines.

How can I find out which Library blocks the deletion of the history?
Is ther a way?

I don’t know which user / which Library hogs all the space.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks for taking the time by the way. Really appreciated!

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Maybe it helps if you delete the library from trash in the admin section (System admin -> Libraries -> trash -> clean). By default libraries are cleaned after 30 days, that could be the reason that it is not removed thru the GC.

Thanks for pointing this out Simsala.
I should have mentioned it in my first post that I made sure that all Libraries are cleaned in “Trash” in the admin panel.

I don’t think that’s it, unfortunately.

Maybe there is some old huge library that never got deleted and seafile ignores it or something like that?

I also don’t get why the seafile-bck folder is 150GB big.

I am trying to free up space since months already but always still had spare. Now it’s getting really critical and that’s why it’s becoming urgent…

Seafile blocks 550GB of disk space… although I only use a fraction… well… I mentioned that already above…

No need to panic. There will be a way, I am sure.

I found in storage/blocks a folder with the number fo a Library that does not show up in my list of Libraries under admin panel / Libraries and that is probably exactly the size that is the differene between used disk space and occupied disk space (~290GB).

Can it be considered safe to rename it and to start seafile again?
What could go wrong?

There is also a huge backup file in storage/seafile-bck (150GB). How can I get rid of that file possibly?

As I said: Help is really appreciated.

Cheers, Chris

This is not a garbage collection issue.
It seems that the problem are “forgotten” or “old” libraries in my seafile storage folder.

I created a new topic for this: SOLVED - "Forgotten" Libraries - Save to delete?

Thanks again for your help.