Why do everyone claim that Nextcloud is better then seafile?


Currently there is no easy way to do this. It would require that the system admin acting as the end user to deleting some files. There is no API to support this operation.

Of course it’s possible to change the code in seafevents (Pro only) to delete the files with specific extensions. But it requires deeper understanding to the code.

The only easy workaround I can think of now is to send an email notification to users.

In the upcoming 7.0 version, the seafevents module is redesigned to output file level update events. Based on that we may be able to provide some form of “workflow engine” in the background. Admins can register their own hook scripts for update events.


Hi all,

first of all: I’m a big fan of seafile! I prefer the fast, stable and delta sync of seafile compared to nextcloud.
So, I’ll always stay with seafile for my private installation!

BUT: I’m planning to deploy a cloud platform for our school network, too. And therefore, seafile has some drawbacks:

  1. Some needed features (e.g. LDAP-sync, fulltext search) are only available in the pro edition which is way too expensive for us, even with education discount as stated on the website! These features are available for free in nextcloud…

  2. I’d like to mount the student’s and teacher’s home directories of our school server to the cloud so that they are accessible from remote. That seems to be easily achievable with nextcloud but is impossible with seafile…!?

I’d really prefer using seafile for the above mentioned sceanrio, so if anybody could tell me, that it is possible and maybe there is a (very) special price we could afford, so please let me know!!!
Otherwise I’d sadly have to use nextcloud for it :frowning:

Thanks and best regards,


You will have to use nextcloud. Seafile cannot do what you need for your project.
There is no way to just connect existing shares and most probably won’t be in foreseeable future.


I tried with Seafadm and installed required packages but whenever I try to run command seafadm [option…] [command] [argument] than command seafadm not found . anything I need to configure?


Thanks @DerDanilo. That’s what I feared…


If you want a better price, you should write to Seafile Devs directly, if you didn’t done it yet.


If I can’t achieve my second point with Seafile, price won’t matter…


Can’t you use seadrive for the second point?


This is not the same.


It’s also more like a proof of concept than an actual production software.


How is mounting anything different from mounting seadrive using fuse? I use this method for sharing content with a plex server


I really wish Seafile also provided some basic index/search in CE Edition