SeaDrive 2.0.8 is released! Support for macOS 11

  • [Mac] Support macOS 11
  • [Win] Fix moving multiple files/folders across different folders


Is there a plan to release a new Seafile Client soon to support macOS 11 as well?

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The current sync client works on macOS 11.

Jonathan, could you add this info about the sync client to the compatability table at

Another proposal: This table should be featured on the downloads page. Right now, it is a bit hidden.

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SeaDrive fails to start on Big Sur (11.0.1). Error message: “Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver”. Any idea how to debug or fix?

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Are you sure you use SeaDrive 2.0.8?


Same here . .

@linkx @AndreasK Can you post related error messages from seadrive-gui.log? There should be some error messages related to kext installation right after seadrive-gui starts.

[11/16/20 09:24:08] start to install the helper tool
[11/16/20 09:24:08] got helper version: 0.1.0
[11/16/20 09:24:08] latest helper version is 0.1.0
[11/16/20 09:24:08] No need to reinstall the helper tool
[11/16/20 09:24:08] start to install/load the kernel driver
[11/16/20 09:24:09] error when kextInstall: KextManager failed to load with status: -603947007
[11/16/20 09:24:09] failed to install the kernel driverkext
[11/16/20 09:24:09] Exiting with error: Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver
[11/16/20 09:24:13] Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver
[11/16/20 09:24:13] app event loop exited with 1
[11/16/20 09:24:13] Not unmounting because rpc client not ready.
[11/16/20 09:24:13] failed to run “diskutil umount /Users/ms-mbp-16/SeaDrive”
[11/16/20 09:24:13] [Daemon Mgr] stopping seadrive daemon

Hi @linkx

Do you have other softwares that also use OSXFuse to run?

Hi @Jonathan,

Not to my knowledge. It was clean (USB) install and Seafile/Seadrive are among of the first apps that I installed.

You can use the following command to manually load the osxfuse, and then see if seadrive can work normally。

cd  /Library/Filesystems/osxfuse.fs/Contents/Extensions/11
sudo kextload   osxfuse.kext

That seems to fix it! I now got the approval request for allowing the driver
Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.29.23
and after a reboot the error is gone with SeaDrive working perfectly again.

Thanks :pray:

HI @sun20121818 I have a user where this doesn’t help. Any other idea?

@Jonathan: On topic of SeaDrive’s context menu integration under Windows, I happened to find out that owncloud’s desktop client, which also uses Windows Cloud Files API, does just that:

This is the page where I found the screenshot: Virtual File System - ownCloud Maybe worth checking how they do it…

Hi @AndreasK @marcusm

We’ve fixed this (hopefully) in 2.0.9. Please download and try this one:

Thanks for the information. We’ll check.

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Thanks, that seems to work now!

Thanks, we’ll update 2.0.9 today.